Barton College Announces 2022 Graduates

Anderson Hacken

WILSON, N.C. — June 1, 2022 — Two hundred and fifty-five Barton College undergraduate seniors and graduate students received diplomas on Saturday, May 14, during the school’s 120th annual commencement exercises. 

Participating in the ceremony were Barton students who completed their baccalaureate degree requirements in December 2021 and May 2022, and baccalaureate candidates who expect to fulfill requirements over the summer. 

Master Degree Graduates and Baccalaureate Degree Graduates are listed by their hometowns. Their names are followed by degrees and majors and, where applicable, honors will appear in parentheses.  

Baccalaureate Degree Graduates obtaining a grade point average of 3.90 or higher are graduated “summa cum laude,” 3.60 or higher “magna cum laude,” and 3.30 or higher “cum laude.”

Master Degree Graduates and 3+2 M.B.A./Baccalaureate Degree Graduates listed by hometown —  

     Akersberga, Sweden — Oscar Marmestedt, M.B.A. Strategic Leadership and B.S. Business Administration (magna cum laude).

     Angier — Angela Marie Davis, M.S.A. School Administration.

     Benson — Kaylee Davis, M.S. Kinesiology and B.S. Exercise Science (magna cum laude); and George Edward Venturella II, M.B.A. Strategic Leadership.

     Dunn — De’Angelo Monteis Williams, M.B.A. Strategic Leadership and B.S. Business Administration.

     Emerald Isle — John Talmage Keel, M.B.A. Strategic Leadership and B.S. Business Administration.  

     Erie, Pa. — Nathan McKenrick, M.B.A. Strategic Leadership, B.S. Sport Management and B.S. Business Administration.  

     Falls Church, Va. — Ever Alexander Amaya, M.B.A. Strategic Leadership and B.S. Sport Management.

     Fayetteville — Micheal Anthony DeWitt, M.S. Kinesiology.

     Four Oaks — Ellen M. Ennis-Smith, M.S.A. School Administration.

     Fuquay-Varina — Alexander Rudolf Czibur, Jr., M.B.A. Strategic Leadership and B.S. Business Administration.

     Gary, Ind. — Jailynn Echelle Thomas, M.B.A. Strategic Leadership and B.S. Business Administration.

     Goldsboro — Scott Edward Hetzel, M.B.A. Strategic Leadership; and Derrick Thomas Luethje, M.B.A. Strategic Leadership.

     Honolulu, Hawaii — Jacqueline Davis, M.S. Criminology & Criminal Justice Sciences.

     Huntley, Ill. — Brenna Kathleen Keegan, M.B.A. Strategic Leadership and B.S. Sport Management (magna cum laude).

     Kenly — April Johnson Wood, M.S.A. School Administration.

     Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada — Kleanza James Cathers, M.S. Kinesiology.

     Knightdale — Kiana Denee Claiborne, M.S.N. Nursing.

     Lexington, Ky. — Kelly J. Pelston, M.S.N. Nursing.

     Los Angeles, Calif. — Trevor D. Edior, M.B.A. Strategic Leadership and B.S. Business Administration (magna cum laude).  

     Newark, N.J. — Gregory Gibbs, Jr., M.B.A. Strategic Leadership and B.S. Sport Management.

     Newbridge, Ireland — Eimear Maher, M.S. Criminal Justice and B.S. Political Science.

     Pinetops — Sheila Diane Farmer, M.S.A. School Administration.

     Raleigh — Natalie Grace Brooks, M.B.A. Strategic Leadership; Clint Lindsay Dean, M.S.N. Nursing; Alexander David Hart, M.S. Kinesiology and B.S. Exercise Science; and Melissa Rose Lennox, M.B.A. Strategic Leadership.

     Rock Hill, S.C. — DeShaun Marquise McFadden, M.B.A. Strategic Leadership.

     Sims — Joseph Hunter Parks II, M.S.A. School Administration.

     Southern Shores — Joseph Conner Haley, M.B.A. Strategic Leadership and B.S. Sport Management (cum laude).

St. Charles, Mo. — Zach Reider, M.S. Kinesiology.

     Wake Forest — Morgan Leigh Foster, M.S.N. Nursing; and Cayleigh Mary Sarvey, M.S.N. Nursing.

     Wendell — Annabeth Michelle Watkins, M.S. Kinesiology.

     Wilson — Bryson Leonard Boyette, M.B.A. Strategic Leadership and B.S. Business Administration (cum laude); Tiffany Melinda Cooper, M.B.A. Strategic Leadership and B.S. Business Administration; Adam Salvatore Dermer, M.B.A. Strategic Leadership and B.S. Sport Management (cum laude); Lorena R. Gonzalez, M.S.A. School Administration; Winquika Lamon Hill, M.S. Criminal Justice; and Kristen Michele Wright, M.S. Criminal Justice.

     Yorktown, Va. — Rayford Akweisi Miller IV, M.B.A. Strategic Leadership and B.S. Business Administration.

     Zebulon — Ashton Paige Williams, M.S. Criminology & Criminal Justice Sciences.  

Baccalaureate Degree Graduates listed by hometown — 

     Abingdon, Va. — Anna Scott Thompson, B.S. Criminology & Criminal Justice Sciences.  

     Aldershot, England — Evie Kenna, B.S. Mathematics (magna cum laude).

     Anderson, S.C. — Dionte Osbey, B.S. Criminology & Criminal Justice Sciences.  

     Arlington, Va. — Jamilex Yajaira Tham-Morrobel, B.S. Exercise Science (summa cum laude).

     Asheboro — Felipe J. Cambron Tapia, Jr., B.S. Gerontology.  

     Bailey — Hannah Elizabeth Davis, B.S.N. Nursing (cum laude); Cory Scott Joyner, B.S. Biology (summa cum laude); and Allison Lyn Serrata, B.S.N. Nursing (magna cum laude).

     Bay Shore, N.Y. — Jacob Thomas Lacetera, B.S. Sport Management.  

     Beaufort — Mikayla Renee Rose, B.S.N. Nursing (cum laude).

     Black Creek — Hailey Nicole Dail, B.S. Healthcare Administration (cum laude).

     Bogota, Colombia — Diego Armando Agudelo Alvarado, B.S. Business Administration and B.A. Spanish (cum laude).

     Boyds, Md. — Michael Edward Yuille, Jr., B.S. Biology and B.S. Business Administration (cum laude).

     Browns Summit — Eve Nathael Luna, B.S. Business Administration.  

     Bullock — Logan Rose Clark, B.S. Biology and B.S. Psychology.  

     Burlington — RaKaia Naté Hamilton, B.S. Business Administration.  

     Candor — Elizabeth Lamonds Brown, B.S.N. Nursing.  

     Cary — Jenna Vaughan Reilly, B.S.N. Nursing (cum laude); and Andrew Gardner Thompson, B.S. Business Administration.  

     Chapin, S.C. — Erik Joseph Veach, B.S. Special Education (K-12) (cum laude).

     Charleston, S.C. — Jemarie Ciane Nicks, B.S. Criminology & Criminal Justice Sciences; and Jordan Christopher White, B.S. Sport Management.  

     Charlotte — Daeja Ja’Nell Thompson, B.S.N. Nursing.  

     Clarksville, Tenn. — James Lewis Manning III, B.S. Business Administration.  

     Clayton — Alexis Merrie Ayers, B.S. Business Administration; Heather Leigh Boyette, B.S.W. Social Work; John Christian Newkirk, B.S. Biology; and Jeanelys Esther Suarez-Sierra, B.S. Psychology (cum laude).  

     Clermont, Fla. — Jasmine Renee Keller, B.S. Exercise Science and B.S. Sport Management (cum laude).

     Cleveland, Ohio — Amira Rashid Ihentuge, B.S. Psychology. 

     Clinton — Carson Dale Ellis, B.S. Business Administration (magna cum laude).

     Cordova, Tenn. — Myles Javas Bonner, B.S. Psychology.  

     Disputanta, Va. — William Hunter Pope, B.S. Business Administration.  

     Dudley — Diana Leigh Pierce, B.S.N. Nursing; and Leea Marie Williamson, B.S.W. Social Work.  

     Durham — Pedro Rolando Valladares, Jr., B.S. Business Administration; and Nykeria Somone Stroud, B.S. Healthcare Administration. 

     East Canton, Ohio — Leslie Rose Wellendorf, B.S.N. Nursing (cum laude).

     Elk Grove Village, Ill. — Kelly Siobhan O’Sullivan, B.S. Gerontology (magna cum laude).

     Elm City — Morgan Elizabeth Lane, B.S. Exercise Science (magna cum laude); Aminata Tambajang, B.S.N. Nursing (cum laude); and Micaela Grace Turner, B.S. Biology and B.S. Healthcare Administration (magna cum laude).

     Fayetteville — Kyerra Desiree Bennett, B.S. Psychology; Sidney Lynn Gronowski, B.S. Health Promotion (cum laude); and Kia Rose Morris, B.A. Biology.  

     Fountain — Jerald Dean Grissom III, B.S. Biology (magna cum laude).

     Franklin, Tenn. — Joshua Stidham, B.S. Biology and B.S. Psychology (summa cum laude).

     Frederick, Md. — Felicity Mae Borge, B.S. Elementary Education (K-6) and B.S. Special Education (K-12).  

     Fuquay — Neena Chandra Ramchander, B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies. 

     Gainesville, Ga. — Ethan Andries Cortel-Fraser, B.S. Biology (summa cum laude).

     Gaithersburg, Md. — Olivia Joy Bronson, B.S. Political Science (magna cum laude).

     Galloway, N.J. — Dylan Scaranda, B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies.  

     Goldsboro — Takeitha Tiyaisha Glaspie, B.S. Exercise Science; Carli Arin Hinson, B.F.A. Art & Design (magna cum laude); Ashley Danae Moore, B.S. Biology (magna cum laude); and Madison Raye Murphy, B.F.A. Art & Design.  

     Greenville — Daijon Amya Brewington, B.S. Political Science; Ashley Caroline Harris, B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies; and Chantez Grant Taylor, B.S. Healthcare Administration.    

     Greenville, S.C. — Cameron Rashad Greer-Martin, B.S. Mass Communications.  

     Havelock — Samantha Joleen Lynn Johnston, B.S Psychology.  

     Henderson — Sara Michelle Dickerson, B.S. Psychology and B.S.W. Social Work.  

     Hendersonville — Noah Murphy Swabe, B.S.W. Social Work.  

     Hertford — McCrae Nycole Knapp, B.S. Sport Management.  

     High Point — Amanda Marie Barata, B.S.N. Nursing and B.S. Health Promotion (cum laude).

     Hillsborough — Madison Rose Vaughan, B.S.W. Social Work.

     Hope Mills — Samantha Brooke Scaramuzzo, B.S. Criminology & Criminal Justice Sciences (magna cum laude).

     Jacksonville — Patrick Ryan Garvey, B.S. Biology (cum laude); Jesus Manuel Navarro, B.S. Business Administration and B.S. Sport Management; Cade Harding Popejoy, B.S. Exercise Science; and Tytionna Angelicia Spates, B.S. Business Administration.  

     Kenly — Hannah Grace Lamm, B.S. Criminology & Criminal Justice Sciences; and Sara Marisa Liles, B.S. Biology (magna cum laude).

     Kinston — Joan Frances Jones, B.S.W. Social Work (cum laude).

     Knightdale — Akira Ashonté Wiggins, B.S. Biology (cum laude).

     La Grange — Jessica Rhae Rasnake, B.S.N. Nursing.  

     La Paz, Bolivia — Isabella Valentina Caballero, B.S. Special Education (K-12).  

     Louisburg — Amanda Leigh Burnette, B.S.N. Nursing (cum laude).

     Lowell, Mass. — Melvin Thomas Worley, B.S. Business Administration.  

     Lucama — Joy Barnes Price, B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies.  

     Madrid, Spain — Luis Hernandez Velasco, B.S. Exercise Science and B.S. Sport Management (cum laude).

     Manahawkin, N.J. — Nicholas Kyle Leek, B.S. Mass Communications.  

     Miami, Fla. — Andres Machado, B.S. Sport Management (cum laude).

     Middlesex — Emily Karoline Shallington, B.S. Elementary Education (K-6) (magna cum laude); and Jamia Kishonda Thomas, B.S. Health Promotion (cum laude).

     Midlothian, Va. — Jonathan York, B.S. Business Administration.  

     Millville, N.J. — Ryan McIssaac, B.S. Exercise Science.  

     Mount Pleasant — Hunter Gage Redmond, B.S. Business Administration (cum laude).

     Murrieta, Calif. — Zachary David Hodge, B.S. Healthcare Administration (magna cum laude); Levi Tannon Miller, B.S. Exercise Science; and Trevor Niels Witholt, B.S. Business Administration (cum laude).

     Nashville — Madisyn Johanna Baines, B.S. Mathematics; Doris Oxendine Bardowell, B.S.W. Social Work; Payton Anderson Bass, B.S. Business Administration (cum laude); Hunter Joseph Bozelle, B.A. English; Marcie Comanici Perry-Battle, B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies; and Wren Ellen Wheeler, B.S.W. Social Work.  

     Neptune, N.J. — Sylvia Bullock, B.S. Biology (magna cum laude).

     New Bern — Ashley Taylor Glover, B.S. Criminology & Criminal Justice Sciences (magna cum laude); and Zachary Neil Long, B.S. Healthcare Administration.

     Newport — Alexis Marie Lewis, B.S. Mathematics and B.S. Psychology (cum laude).

     Newport News, Va. — Alex Christian Kelly, B.S. Business Administration.  

     North Chesterfield, Va. — Leland Richaun Hampton, B.S. Exercise Science and B.S. Sport Management.  

     Oxford — Bonnie Evans, B.S. Exercise Science (cum laude).

     Pearland, Texas — Sarah G. Kirk, B.S. Business Administration (magna cum laude).

     Pembroke — Bladen Elliott Strickland, B.S. Sport Management.  

     Pikeville — Tara Elizabeth Price, B.S. Special Education (K-12); and Alec Pyburn, B.S. Exercise Science.  

     Plymouth — Gracen Elizabeth Rogers, B.S.N. Nursing (magna cum laude).

     Poquoson, Va. — Jared Thomas Davis, B.S. Sport Management.  

     Portsmouth, Va. — Nicholas Blake Horton, B.S. Mass Communications (cum laude).  

     Poughkeepsie, N.Y. — Chianti Marquise Ghee, B.S. Health Promotion and B.S. Exercise Science (magna cum laude).

     Prince Frederick, Md. — Ashley Rose Dakis, B.S. Psychology (magna cum laude).

     Princeton — Samantha Carol Austin, B.S.W. Social Work (cum laude); and Mackenzie Mae Evans, B.S.N. Nursing (summa cum laude).

     Queens, N.Y. — Damarlly Devona Drummond, B.S.N. Nursing.  

     Raleigh — Pearl Mensah Agyen, B.S.N., Nursing; Devon Ryan Brooks, B.S. Exercise Science; Madison Riley Earp, B.S.N. Nursing (cum laude); Abigail Elizabeth Keeter, B.S. Educational Studies; Roudelyne Mederic, B.S.N. Nursing; Victoria Lynn Quiroz, B.S.N. Nursing; Aminata Sow, B.S.N. Nursing; and Ashley Elizabeth Watkins, B.S.N. Nursing.  

     Red Oak — Jessica Sauls Jefferys, B.S.N. Nursing.  

     Richlands — Zachery Martin Spires, B.S. Sport Management.  

     Roanoke Rapids — Alexander Joseph Hoscila, B.S. Business Administration (magna cum laude).

     Rocky Mount — Bahiyyih Eposi Agbaw, B.A. Mass Communications Studies; Michelle Bené Gainey, B.S.N. Nursing; Eleanor Sophia Cheatham Graumann, B.S.N. Nursing; and Kielana Shanise Ham, B.S.W. Social Work (magna cum laude).  

     Roper — Samantha Alexandra Wilcox, B.S. Health Promotion.  

     Roxboro — Audrey McKay Conner, B.S.W. Social Work.  

     San Marcos, Calif. — Taylor Lee Goni, B.S.N. Nursing (magna cum laude).

     Sanford — Hunter Meyer Little, B.S. Exercise Science (cum laude).

     Sayville, N.Y. — Jessica Lynn Casillas, B.S. Educational Studies (cum laude).

     Selma — Jillian Daire Radford, B.S.N. Nursing (magna cum laude); and Jessica Rae Scott, B.S. Healthcare Administration (cum laude).

     Severn, Md. — David Sylvester Campbell, B.S. Exercise Science.  

     Sharpsburg — Courtney Glenn Armstrong, B.S.N. Nursing.  

     Silver Spring, Md. — Julianna Hope Silfee, B.S. Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (K-12) (magna cum laude).

     Smyrna, Del. — Jacob Bradley Soroko, B.S. Biology.  

     Sneads Ferry — Ashley JaneLynn Teilborg, B.S. Exercise Science (cum laude).  

     Snellville, Ga. — Kazia Otelia Patzer, B.S. Psychology (cum laude).

     Snow Hill — Mary McKayla Benton, B.S. Elementary Education (K-6); Sylveta Carol Jones, B.S. Business Administration; and Jennifer Taylor Stevens, B.S.N. Nursing.

     South Mills — Morgan LeeAnn Nash, B.S. Exercise Science (magna cum laude).

     Spring Hope — Alyssa Faith McAuliff, B.S.N. Nursing (cum laude).

     Stone Mountain, Ga. — Taylorann Cushenberry, B.S. Political Science (cum laude).

     Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada — Seth David Mandryk, B.A. English (magna cum laude).

     Swansboro — Caitlynn Kiara Bragg, B.S. Elementary Education (K-6) and B.S. Special Education (K-12); and Anthony William Cook, B.S. Sport Management.

     Tampa, Fla. — Sevastian Andre Cardona, B.S. Sport Management (cum laude).

     Tarboro — Ny’asia Danielle Dickens, B.S. Middle School Education (6-9).  

     Virginia Beach, Va. — Shanika Tamara Peterkin, B.S.N. Nursing (cum laude); and Alexa Simone Roberson, B.S. Biology (magna cum laude).

     Wake Forest — Natalie Lyn Brandenburg, B.S. Business Administration (magna cum laude); and Ashley Nicole Ferguson, B.S. Biology (magna cum laude).

     Washington — Mary Baylor Dixon, B.S.N. Nursing (magna cum laude); and Brandon Rashawn Jackson, B.S. Sport Management.  

     Waxhaw — Adalaya Lynnea Nemitz, B.S. Health Promotion.  

     Wendell — Katelyn Grace Brewer, B.S. Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (K-12) (summa cum laude); and Kathryn Marie Brownfield, B.S.N. Nursing.  

     Wheeling, W.Va. — Kaleb Ezekiel Nuckles, B.S. Business Administration and B.S. Sport Management (cum laude).

     Whittier — Dakota David Jones, B.A. Business (cum laude).

     Williston, Vt. — Kara Anne Lynch, B.S.W. Social Work.  

     Willow Spring — Kristin Nicole Davis, B.S. Exercise Science; and Kira Cosette Moskow, B.S. Biology (magna cum laude).

     Wilson — Hanan Akram Abdelaziz, B.S.N. Nursing (cum laude); John Edward Apol, B.S.W. Social Work; Ryne Benjamin Barnes, B.S. Sport Management (magna cum laude); Demetrius Lecede Battle, B.S.W. Social Work; Sylvia Ann Bellamy, B.S. Business Administration (cum laude); Taylor Danielle Bissette, B.S. Educational Studies (cum laude); Justin Terrell Blue, B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies; Victoria Susan Cardoso-Santiago, B.F.A. Art & Design; Caylan Marie Gay, B.S. Business Administration; Alicia Faye Gomez, B.S.W. Social Work; Travis Harris, Jr., B.S. Sport Management; Cassidi Danielle Hinson, B.S. Mass Communications; Kayla Stephenie Jimenez-Montoya, B.A. Mass Communications Studies; Cameron Lee Koenig, B.A. English w/Teacher Licensure (magna cum laude); Ophelia Rachel Lamm, B.A. Business (cum laude); Tiffany Anissia Mercer, B.S. Health Promotion; Grayson Elizabeth Mills, B.S. Elementary Education (K-6); Briana Holton Moore, B.S.N. Nursing; Wright Jackson Moore, B.S. Political Science; Sean Patrick O’Brien, B.S. Business Administration; Sara Catherine Parks, B.S.N. Nursing (cum laude); Gabriella Ruiz, B.S.N. Nursing (cum laude); Lanasia Monee Sessoms, B.S.W. Social Work; Ariana Angel Watkins, B.F.A. Art & Design (magna cum laude); Joshua Wayne Webb, B.S. Biology (cum laude).

     Winter Haven, Fla. — Elijah LaMarcus Hughes, B.S. Sport Management.  

     Winterville — Alison Claire Jenkins, B.S. Biology; Nikki Farmer Jones, B.S. Educational Studies; and Shirley Ann Whitehurst-Gorham, B.S.W. Social Work.  

     Youngsville — Brittany Paige Harris, B.S.N. Nursing; Heather Nicole Summerlin, B.S.N. Nursing (cum laude); and Julianna Belle Wall, B.A. History (cum laude).

     Zebulon — Nicole Valerie Batista, B.S. Criminology & Criminal Justice Sciences; Peyton Jack Creech, B.S.N. Nursing (cum laude); Austin Thomas Hicks, B.A. History (summa cum laude); Mervin Kurtz, B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies; Bailey Rochelle Murray, B.S.W. Social Work; Landon Grant Skaggs, B.S. Biology and B.S.N. Nursing (magna cum laude); and Garrett Franklin Smith, B.S.N. Nursing (cum laude).







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